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Bad Weather Arrangements


Bad Weather Arrangements


In the event of  severe weather, we will try our best to keep school open as usual.  We may however, be forced to decide to close the school. In the unlikely event that we are forced to close the school, we will follow our normal procedure:


We will make a decision before 7.00am on the day of closure. The decision will be made in unison by by Ysgol Parc y Llan and Ysgol Terrig. A closure will be communicated in the following ways: A text will be sent out via SchoolComms. We will also announce it on Twitter Flintshire County Council website —  We will also send notification via SeeSaw.


If any children do arrive at school without parents, they will NOT be sent home, parents will have to collect them. 


Please do not try to telephone school, we only have one line and it is highly unlikely that you will get through. Parents can make enquiries using their SeeSaw accounts.  


Closing the school is a very difficult decision to make and not done lightly.  When making the decision our primary focus is the safety of the children.  This not only includes getting to and from school, but also appropriate levels of supervision when in school.  While it may be easy for children to get into school, many of our staff live 35+ minutes’ drive away and may not be able to get to school.